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Dr Matthew Barrett

Consultant Cardiologist, St. Vincent's University Hospital

Graduated from UCD medicine in 2009 and completed specialist training in cardiology, including fellowship in advanced cardiac imaging in Northwestern University, Chicago.


Currently working as national lead for integrated cardiac care with a focus on innovation, and lead investigator in cardiovascular innovation for the UCD / St Vincent's University Hospital research consortium.

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Dr Kenneth McDonald

Professor of Cardiology, University College Dublin. Consultant Cardiologist, St. Vincent's University Hospital.

Professor McDonald is Professor of Cardiology at UCD and Consultant Cardiologist at St Vincent’s Healthcare Group. He graduated from UCD in 1981 and carried out his cardiology training in Ireland and at the University of Minnesota in the USA. He went on staff in the Department of Cardiology in Minnesota in 1991 returning back to Ireland in 1998 to take up his present position.


Professor McDonald has a subspecialty interest in heart failure and in particular in the prevention of heart failure, the role of biomarkers in this condition and optimal health care delivery strategies. He has been the Director of the Heart Failure and STOP-HF units at St Vincent’s and St Michaels since their development and has authored in excess of 200 papers. He is an ex-President of the Irish Cardiac Society and is presently the Clinical Lead of the HSE National Heart Programme.


Professor Áine Carroll

Professor of Healthcare Integration and Improvement, University College Dublin

Áine is Professor of Healthcare Integration and Improvement at University College Dublin, Ireland, and a Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine at the National Rehabilitation Hospital in Dublin. She is Secretary and Vice-Chair of the International Foundation for Integrated Care (IFIC) and Co-Director of IFIC Ireland.  

Áine is known for her expertise in integrated care, whole system change and implementation. An experienced improvement advisor, she has provided advice, guidance and training on integrated care, improvement and change to leaders of healthcare systems across the world. She is passionate about person-centred coordinated care, complexity theory in healthcare, and the power of stories.

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Dr Gozzie Offiah

Senior Lecturer and Director of Curriculum, Royal College of Surgeons Ireland

Dr Gozie Offiah practised medicine (with a background in Surgery) for over 15 years in the Health Service Executive (HSE). Dr Gozie Offiah is a Senior Lecturer and Director of Curriculum at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. She is also the Clinical Lead for the National Intern Training programme in the Health Service Executive, the chair of the cross-cultural group of tEACH, the International Association of Communication in Healthcare and the Non- executive Director of the Medical Protection Society for Ireland – a unique blend of a clinician, educationalist and Non-Executive director. 


Kay Curtin

Patient and Research Advocate

Kay Curtin is a Melanoma Cancer Patient of 14 years, at stage 4 since 2015. She is a founding member of Melanoma Support Ireland, a committee member of both the Health Research Board’s Public and patient involvement in research group and Irish Association for Cancer Research as well as being a patient consultant to Cancer Trials Ireland. During her time as both a patient and advocate she has gained a unique insight into the clinical trials process and the patient treatment pathway. She has attended national and international conferences and spoken widely on the patient perspective of treatment. Her main topics of interest are patient education and access to evidence-based treatment. She is also currently a student of University College Cork. 

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Dr Edward Kiely

Leading Paediatric Surgeon

Dr Kiely is a Paediatric Surgeon formerly based at Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital (GOSH) in London. Born, raised and educated in Cork, Ireland he graduated from University College Cork in 1968. He completed his training as a senior registrar at GOSH, where he was appointed Consultant in 1983.
The author of over 220 articles in peer-reviewed journals and over twenty five chapters in Paediatric Surgical textbooks, Edward has maintained a keen interest in research and undergraduate education throughout his career. He is best known for the surgery of neuroblastoma and for the separation of conjoined twins. 

Amongst the honours he has received are a Hunterian Professorship (RCS), Clement Price Thomas Medal (RCS), Peter Paul Rickham Medal (Alder Hey Hospital), Honorary Fellowship (RCSI), and the Denis Brown Gold Medal (British Association of Paediatric Surgeons). 

Edward Kiely has also been invited abroad as Visiting Professor and as an operating surgeon in many countries. 


Professor Sir Stephen O'Rahilly

Professor of Clinical Biochemistry and Medicine, Cambridge University

A University College Dublin alumnus, Professor O'Rahilly is unquestionably one of the most eminent Irish figures in modern research.

Professor O'Rahilly has had a litany of honours bestowed on him throughout his extremely distinguished career.  He was elected as a fellow of the Royal Society in 2003. In 2013, he was knighted for his contribution to medical research. 

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Professor Orla Hardiman

Clinical Professor of Neurology, Trinity College Dublin

Professor Orla Hardiman has a longstanding record of research excellence which has seen her receive widespread acclaim domestically and abroad.

Her major research focus is motor neuron disease and related motor neuron degenerations, in addition to interests in genetics and clinical epidemiology.

Hardiman is the only Irish-based fellow of the American Academy of Neurology, and is recognized as a leader in patient advocacy.

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